April Gardening To Do List

(for the Pacific Northwest)


  • Make a plot layout of your flower beds so you will remember where your spring bulbs are located
  • When purchasing plants remember that plants not yet in bloom will actually bloom sooner, grow faster and be better established


  • Best dates for transplanting by the moon cycles:
    Apr 15 – 28
  • Best dates for sowing seeds by the moon cycles:
    Apr 5 & 6, 15 – 18, 26


  • Begin digging new garden beds when the soil is workable
  • Prepare the soil for seeds
  • Start weeding your beds
  • Remove winter mulch when new growth appears
  • Replant new shrubs and perennials that have heaved out of the soil
  • Finish transplanting any new shrubs before their buds swell
  • Tidy the mulch in your shrub beds adding more where necessary
  • Transplant and divide summer and fall-blooming perennials
  • Add finished compost to your flower beds
  • If you have started seedling inside harden them off
  • Cut back shrubby herbs

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