“I have been purchasing Pond’s Edge plants for many years.  I am especially impressed with the variety of primula available over the years.  I can rely that each variety will be explained clearly both at the sale and on the web site.

What is great about Ponds Edge is the plants are hearty and ready to be planted when they are purchased.  Hearty to this area, I have never had a plant fade when transplanted.

I am look forward to finding out what is available every year, there is always something new, that becomes a “must have” in my garden.”
~ from Annette Baker


“The only perennials I buy these days come Pond’s Edge. I love planting heirlooms and Pond’s Edge plants are so healthy and acclimatized that they take right off when I put them in the ground. It’s always a pleasure talking with Sandi the owner, she is so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about her plants. I especially love the many unique varieties of Primroses she offers.”
~ from Nancy Davenport


“I live in the mountains so my plant selection is very narrow with very cold winters and in the spring the deer and rabbits are plentiful.
I consulted Ponds Edge Nursery for unusual and hardy plants for my
courtyard garden and am very happy with the results.  The advise on care and winterizing my garden are very helpful.”
~ from Dianna Lynn


“Sandi went to great lengths to make my wedding an unforgettable occasion.
She grew an amazing, exquisite, beautiful variety of flowers specifically
for our special day.  Every bouquet exploded with the love and care put
into their growth from seed to flower.”
~ from Sonja Hinz

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