Wallflower ‘Persian Carpet’

Cheiranthus Cheiri ‘Persian Carpet’

Blooms: Early Spring                            15”

Perennial:  Native to the Eastern Mediterranean. Very showy fragrant flowers in a splendid mix of rich colors ranging from purple, gold, orange, rose and apricot.  Likes limestone soil.  The Romans are attributed with bringing it to western Europe and they have been in European gardens since 1000 AD.  Early American settlers brought them to theUS.  Pinch out tips to encourage bushiness.  Plant 12” apart. Hardy to zone 7.

Full Sun – Part Shade           Well drained soil           Regular water

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June Gardening To Do List

(for the Pacific Northwest)


  • Look for spots in your garden that may need summer and fall bloom
  • Take note of any bulbs you may want to order this fall that bloom in the spring


  • Best dates for transplanting by the moon cycles:
    Jun 8 – 21
  • Best dates for sowing seeds by the moon cycles:
    Jun 7, 9-11, 19 & 20, 26 – 28
  • Sow annual seeds


  • Water new transplants (early in morning best)
  • Weed beds as necessary
  • Deadhead rhododendrons, azaleas, mountain laurels, and lilacs
  • Deadhead repeat blooming roses to encourage more flowers
  • Fertilize repeat blooming flowers
  • Stake tall, floppy flowers
  • Divide spring and early summer flowering perennials after the blooms fade
  • Take stem cuttings of woody shrubs, tree and perennials
  • Prune your weigela, viburnum and forsynthia after they are finished blooming
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